Sabrina Bertaccini


Sabrina Bertaccini Baker was born in the tiny but famous “spa town” of Castrocaro Terme in Italy. Sabrina breathed the world of cinema from the age of 4 thanks to her mother, Antonietta Benericetti, who ran the ticket-counter of the town cinema and accompanied her daughter to see many films. When the projection was over, young Sabrina would climb up on the cinema stage and act out scenes of the famous actors who, each night, made the audiences dream. But for Sabrina, this was more than a dream…it was her beginning. She began her professional acting career in the roll of Captain of the North alongside Renzo Arbore, in the cult-hit program “Indietro Tutta.” But she came into her own after moving to Los Angeles in 1989 where she studied in the most prestigious acting schools in America: the Lee Strasberg Institute (Actor’s Studio), Beverly Hills Playhouse and the Stella Adler Institute where she was the first student ever to be awarded a scholarship. Her acting credits in America include roles in films and televised Soap Operas, including the leading soap opera in America “The Young and the Restless”, and the popular “General Hospital.” She has worked with such noted actors as John Travolta and Angelina Jolie to name only a few. Sabrina’s American acting career also included roles in sitcoms and even as spokesperson for Coca Cola. In addition, she was chosen for a worldwide publicity campaign for Dolce & Gabbana featuring Giselle Bundchen, with Steven Meisel as director of photography. In 2005 Sabrina was already an actress of acclaim when she earned the the Tabloid Witch Award for Best Supporting Actress. Not limited to television and film work, she also met with success in the Los Angeles theater world playing on the most important stages in the city including the Marylin Monroe Theatre in the role of Nada in Pirandello’s “Cecè”, in the musical “From the Heart of Love” at the Glendel Centre Theatre and in the title role of The Little Prince in the celebrated Saint-Exupery production at the Open Fist Theater. Sabrina also directed productions of “La Ronda,” “The Owl & the Pussycat” and “America After Hours.” She is also a screenwriter. Sabrina taught acting in Los Angeles and Italy.


Movie Name Release Date
Shalim Goodbye 03/18/2017